Film Review: Socialphobia (2014)

Cyberbullying is as real as public shaming, but there will always be people who don’t take it seriously. Get off your computer, they say. Real world’s outside. What they don’t understand is that to some people, the internet experience was a real one: it’s a second world that’s as real as the ‘real’ one. Socialphobia tells you how it both world correlates, and both kind of public shaming, both in the cyber world or in real life, are equally as terrifying and harmful.  Continue reading “Film Review: Socialphobia (2014)”


Currently Watching: Six Flying Dragons

The best historical show you aren’t watching tells a story about six characters before the establishment of Joseon Dynasty, centered on Yi Bang Won, the third king of the future Joseon Dinasty. Half of the six main characters might be fictional, but they fit like matching puzzles in contrast to the historical figures that made up the other half. Continue reading “Currently Watching: Six Flying Dragons”

Web Series Review: Carmilla (Season 2)

The first VerveGirl webseries I’ve watched was the first season of Carmilla. I binge watched it throughout a short two days, and quickly fell in love with it. Like its forerunner MsLabelled, it is headlined by a quirky, fairly-innocent young adult trying to survive in a new environments that might be more dangerous than how it looked like…. also, vampires. Continue reading “Web Series Review: Carmilla (Season 2)”